Being a Labour Moderate Can Be Like Protesting About Sand Being Confused With Coffee and Getting Attacked for It

So another day, and another criticism about being divisive when voicong concern about things the Labour leadership are not doing or taking into account.
Fact is, a lot of us moderates who are not happy with Corbyn hate the divisiveness, we feel bad about voicing any criticism in private or public, and we acknowledge that a no of those on the Left of the Party are decent, pragmatic, and listen to our concerns. But when we get accused by others of divisiveness this is how it feels
Imagine working in a coffee shop and a colleague starts putting sand instead of ground coffee in one of the handles

YOU: but hang on, that's sand?


YOU: But that will be harmful to the customer, if not the business and we will close down?

COLLEAGUE: Nonsense, sand is good for people, I read it on my favourite social media site. With sand instead of coffee we shall make hundreds of pounds extra, the customers will come rolling in

YOU: But it is harmful. Can't you see that?

COLLEAGUE: (Cuffs you on the back of the head) Stop being critical, customers don't respect divisiveness amongst staff

YOU: So I am not allowed to point out why this is wrong?

COLLEAGUE: It is unhelpful for the business for you to cling to using coffee

And that is how it feels, and working in a coffee shop that is an analogy that comes easily to mind for me, another would be being in the back of a car with the doors locked and driver hurtling towards a cliff saying it is the A1 motorway and that we need to respect the driver's mandate
So if it helps, that is how it feels to be a moderate in Labour at the moment, and I wish some among the Corbynistas would see that


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