The Launch of the Great Repeal Bill

At this stage there is little one can do, other than to see if they will follow the Six Tests Sir Keir Starmer has put forward. There is concern about us leaving the European Court of Human Rights, which will mean major changes to Judicial Law if we are to keep current legislation, and there is concern over talk of tinkering with EU Laws. You wonder what tinkering the government have in mind, are they planning on throwing sops to the Brextremists?
All in all, one feels that the government does not exactly know what it is doing. It is as if they are caught like a rabbit in the headlights, scared of offending the Brextremists, scared of totally alienating the 48%, and hoping the odd tweak here and there will solve matters. It will not, and if they bend over backwards for the Brextremists, and play fast and loose with the 48%, they will regret it


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