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Adele: Make You Feel My Love

US Has Channels of Communication With North Korea

Pope Likely to Visit Ireland Next Year

Trump and the Mayor of San Juan

Growth in UK Citizens Seeking Citizenship in Other EU Countries

Boris Johnson and Brexit Conditions

Back to the original: looking forward and back to the 2017 Christmas Doctor Who Special and beyond (some spoilers within)

Thought for the Day CDXLV

Benny Andersson: Thank You For the Music

Protestors in Hong Kong Demanding Full Democracy

New UKIP Leader Elected

Fourth Trump Official Caught Misusing Their Travel

Trump Says he Will Tackle North Korea

Frictionless Borders and Norway

Thought for the Day CDXLIV

Abba: The Day Before You Came

Singapore Teenager Granted Asylum in the US

Decisive Moves Forward Brexit Talks

Twitter, Trump, and Facebook

Thought for the Day CDCXLIII

Carly Simon: You're So Vain

Indian Farmers Trying to Protect Heirloom Rice

Yesterday, I Nearly Left the Labour Party

Lady Lucan 1937-2017

Thought for the Day CDCXLII

George Michael and Queen: Somebody to Love (Live)

More to a Country than a Capital

A Run on the Pound is Financially Irresponsible

Thought for the Day CDCXLI

Bach: Tocata and Fugue in D Minor

Photo of Yoda Accidentally Incorporated Into Saudi History Textbook

Far Right Gain Seats in German Parliament

Returning from the Labour Party Conference

Thought for the Day CDXL

Foo Fighters: Times Like These (Live)

Changes in Egypt Over the Past 100 Years

Trump Offends NFL Players and Managers

Trump and Kim Jong Un Ratchet Up the Brutal Language

Corbyn on Marr

Thought for the Day CDXXXIX

Canadian Mining Firm Has Talks With Greek Government

Macron Calls for Greater Clarity from the UK on Brexit

Theresa May Restates the No Border Proposal Regarding Ireland

Thought for the Day CDXXXVIII

The Beatles: We Can Work It Out

American Coffee Invades Italy

Kim Jong Un Issues Threats after Trump's UN Speech

Preparing for the 2017 Labour Party Conference

Thought for the Day CDXXXVII

Abba: Thank You for the Music

Trump Shortchanges the US Farmers

Mueller Seeks White House Documents

Spanish PM Call to Catalonia

Thought for the Day CDXXXVI

Earthquake in Mexico City

Thought for the Day CDXXXV

Queen: Some Day One Day

Trump at the UN

RIP Stanislav Petrov

Suu Kyi and Global Scrutiny

British Overseas Territories in Carribean Braced for Hurricane Maria

Thought for the Day CDXXXIV

A Short Break

UK Terror Alert Raised to "Critical"

Thought for the Day CDXXXIII

U2: You're The Best Thing About Me

Trump and the London Tube Attack

The Bomb Explosion at Parsons Green Tube Station

North Korea Fires Second Missile Over Japan

Austria Vienna Thrashed by AC Milan

Thought for the Day CDXXXII

George Michael: Praying for Time

Things Can Only Get Worse? The John O'Farrell Sequel

Ringo and Brexit

Trump Denies Making Deal With Democrats

UN Says Rohingya Crisis Situation is "Catastrophic"

First Enquiry to Open Regarding Grenfell Tower

Thought for the Day CDXXXI

Queen: I Want to Break Free

"Britain Will Regret Leaving the EU" - Jean-Claude Juncker

Six Dead in Nursing Home Hit by Hurricane Irma

Switzerland and a Proposed Burqa Ban

Abba's Virtual Reality Tour

Thought for the Day CDXXX

Abba: Dancing Queen

Farewell Cassini

Parts of the Florida Keys Reopened

Macron and the Street Protests

Sir Peter Hall 1930-2017

Labour's Conference Arrangements Committee Election Results

Thought for the Day CDXXIX

Queen: Friends Will Be Friends

Steve Bannon's Rants

Jewish Family Robbed by 'Anti-Semitic' Gang

UN Says the Rohingya Are Victims of Genocide

Hurricane Irma Hits Florida

Thought for the Day CDXXVIII

Handel: Zadok the Priest

Blair and Corbyn

The Last Night of the Proms and EU Flags

Thought for the Day CDXXVII

BBC Proms: Jerusalem

World Series Cricket. Forty Years On

Ireland and the Aurora Borealis

Thought for the Day CDXXVI

Abba: Mamma Mia

Mirror Newspapers Makes Bid for Daily Express

Spain Blocks Catalan Independence Vote

Malala and the Rohingya

Quake in Mexico

Thought for the Day CDXXV

George Michael ft Nile Rodgers: Fantasy

On Memorials