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Abba: Super Trouper

Martin Luther's 95 Theses. 500 Years On

Netflix Halts House of Cards Production

Trump Drops Support for Papadopoulos

John Kelly and the American Civil War

Puigdemont Claims He Is Not Seeking Asylum

The Russian Civil War. How It Could Have Gone

Spain Calling for Charges on Catalan Independence Organisers

Thought for the Day CDLXXVI

Edward Elgar: Salut d'Armour Op. 12

Chickens Come Home to Roost With Russiagate

The Last Imperial Family Should Be Buried Together

Blue Planet II Overtakes Strictly and X Factor

Donald Trump Raging Over Latest in Russian Inquiry

Sexual Harrasment and Westminster

Thought for the Day CDLXXV

Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op 35

Portugal Supports Spanish Unity

Alexander Kerensky

French Minister of Wine Says Additives Should Be Listed

Stephen Hawking's Phd is now Online

Obama Summoned for Jury Duty

Possible Acceleration Threat from North Korea

Thought for the Day CDLXXIV

Elvis Costello and The Attractions: Pump It Up

Martin Schulz Calls for Fresh German Elections if Coalition Talks Fail

Ireland's Best Pubs

First Charges Filed in Russia Investigation

Catalan Police Stripped of their Powers

Thought for the Day CDLXXIII

Queen: All Dead, All Dead (Hybrid version)

World's First 3D Printed Bridge Is for Cyclists in the Netherlands

Spanish Govt Moves Towards Direct Rule and Removal of Catalan Govt

Olivia Colman is the new Queen

The JFK Released Files. Nothing Much New

The Pope Questioning the International Space Station Crew

Thought for the Day CDLXXII

Gabriel Faure: Sanctus

Chris Heaton-Harris, Brexit, Universities,and the Daily Mail

Human Rights Watch Mentions Concerns Regarding Poland

Kenya Goes to the Polls. Again

Ukranian MP Avoids Assassination

Human Rights Activists on Trial in Turkey

Thought for the Day CDLXXI

Fats Domino: Blueberry Hill

Waning US Influence in the Philippines

Second US Senator Attacks Trump

Russia Vetoes UN Investigation into Syrian Chemical Attacks

On Xi Jinping Consolidating His Position

Labour MP Jared O'Mara Suspended

Thought for the Day CDLXX

Sutton Bonington Symphony Orchestra: Radio 4 UK Theme

Woo Seung-Yep and Concerns Over Trump and North Korea

Austria's Far Right Freedom Party About To Enter Coalition Talks

Bob Corker and Trump the "Untruthful President"

Chris Heaton-Harris, University Professors, and Brexit

Trump and Sgt Johnson's Widow

Thought for the Day CDLXIX

Jacqueline Du Pre: Elgar's Cello Concerto 1st Movement

Princess Marina Sturdza 1952-2017

Catalan Officials Say They Will Not Take Orders from Spain

The Doctor's New Companions

Thought for the Day CDLXVIII

The Beatles: Free as a Bird

Eight Charged Over Far Right Terrorist Plot in France

The Irish Immigrants Who Left Thirty Two Years Ago

Populist Wins Czech Elections

On Spain Imposing Direct Rule on Catalonia

Thought for the Day CDLXVII

Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto, 2nd Movement

Storm Brian Hits South of England and Ireland

Germany's Submarines Out of Action

Uproar as Mugabe Is Made a UN Goodwill Ambassador

Bush and Obama Attack Trump

Thought for the Day CDLXVI

Billy Joel: Back in the USSR

The Death of Stalin: A Review

Russian Warships Welcomed in the Philippines

Large Cave Found on The Moon

Trump and Crime in the UK

Foreboding Over Latest Round Of Brexit Talks

Thought for the Day CDLXV

Abba: On And On And On

Polish President Calls for Turkey to Join EU

Friend of Daphne Caruana Galizia Pays Tribute

Jacinda Ardern to be Next New Zealand PM

Spain Reminds Catalans They Can Impose Direct Rule

Wife and Mother of Slain US Soldier Confirms Trump Showed Disrespect

Thought for the Day CDLXIV

Nile Rodgers and Chic: Good Times

Hard Brexiters Want Delay on the Bill

Norway Grants Equal Pay to Women Footballers

George Michael: Freedom. A Review

Trump's Alleged Insensitivity to Soldier's Widow

China and the Global Centre Stage

Thought for the Day CDLXIII

Wham: Freedom

Michael Flynn's Son Likely to be Subpoenaed

Trump Backtracks on Denigrating Obama

Malta Blogger Killed in Car Bomb Attack

Thought for the Day CDLXII

George Michael: A Different Corner

Victoria Series Two: A Short Review

Israeli Jets Fired Upon

Drone Collides With Commercial Plane

Catalonia Needs to Clarify Independence

Thought for the Day CDLXI

U2: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

New Claims on Harvey Weinstein

Hurricane Ophelia Heading for Ireland and the UK

France Hopes to Save Iran Deal

Tillerson Says Diplomacy With North Korea Will Continue

Thought for the Day CDLX

George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun (Live)

The Romanian Economic Boom

Tourism in Munster

Global Powers, Notably UK, France, and Germany, Stand By Iran Deal

Acid Carriers Face Jail Term

Thought for the Day CDLIX

Burt Bacharach: The Look of Love

Germany and EU Defence

Far Right Might be in Austrian Government

Thought for the Day CDLVIII

The Beatles: Don't Let Me Down

Armchair Critics in Government

Brexit and the Cliff Edge

Judge Rules Anti-Apartheid Activist in South Africa Was Killed in Police Custody

Trump, Nuclear, and Iran

Thought for the Day CDLVII

Abba: Under Attack

Trump Threatens NBC

Theresa May and Voting on Brexit

Thought for the Day CDLVI

George Michael: Praying for Time

Fires Sweep Northern California

Thought for the Day CDLV

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. First Movement

Corker Vs Trump

France, Spain, and the Catalan Independence Bid

Pence Leaves NFL Game, When Some Players Kneeled

Thought for the Day CDLIV

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

Jon Sopel, Trump, The Spirella, and Letchworth Garden City

Storm Nate

Boating Holidays in France

Trump on North Korea "One Thing Will Work"

Thought for the Day CDLIII