Far Right Try and Threaten Fabian Society Meeting and "Arrest" Sadiq Khan

I know members of the Far Right are pig ignorant and pathetic, but this was by turns both unnerving and almost laughable.
Almost laughable because it was pathetic the way they tried to arrest Sadiq Khan for his comments regarding Trump, and were clearly being cowards by loudly proclaming that anyone who tried to touch them would be charged with assault. Plus the Fabian delegates there slow handclapped and heckled, so they were hardly intimidated.
Unnerving though because of the attempts to intimidate and the fact such a group was able to try this. Such attempts can only do further damage to our democracy and to our freedoms, Sadiq Khan was democratically elected and as for Trump, ask any group of people outside your on, across the UK, what they think of him, and you will get a negative answer
In the end, these Trump fans, realising they would get nowhere they said they were off to the pub, presumably damaging what brain cells they have


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