Boris Johnson, Brexit, and Reaching Out

To be fair the reaching out bit regarding Brexit is important. The issue is too polarised, and as Nick Cohen has pointed out, it has become a focal point in an unpleasant culture war, but Boris Johnson's comments today will likely just be a small ripple in a pool
Few hard Brexiteers are prepared to reach out. A no were given the opportunity today on the Jeremy Vine show and most of those quickly descended into negative comments about Remainers and the EU without being positive about the alternatives. A no of hard Brexit supporters on Twitter were apoplectic about the prospect of reaching out, with one individual there known for his unpleasantness, saying that nowhere in the referendum did it say they should reach out and that the result had better be respected "or else there will be a furious uprising" That is just a portion of the nastiness Remain supporters and soft Brexit supporters are up against.
Remainers were also unhappy with Boris Johnson's comments. His actions, comments, and behaviour have suggested a slippery individual who is not to be trusted and who really changed his opinions to suit his career. "Like many politicians" the more cynical will say, but not with such obviousness as with Boris Johnson
We do need a united country to eventually appear over this issue. We cannot afford for the fabric of this nation to be divided, but to do so will need some changes of heart and attitudes, a need to not just listen, but show mutual respect which will not occur with comments like Remoaners and Brextremists and shutting out the extremists, some of whom, if indications on Twitter are anything to go by, will be content to see violence over this issue, and that shows how volatile the issue has become, and why changes are needed


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