A Letter That Prevented Jeremy Thorpe From Giving Evidence

This is fascinating. At one level it is irrelevant in terms of Thorpe being guilty of anything. It adds to the evidence that he was predominantly homosexual and thankfully we now live in a society where one is no longer punished for that. On the other hand it shows a degree of corruption that partly led to Thorpe being tried at the Old Bailey. He showed that he was prepared to use the British taxpayer to fund his visits to see the male lover in question.It is reminiscent of the huge amount he asked for around the time of the Norman Scott shooting where he asked for a large sum of money "for Party funds" and led to David Steel pressing for Thorpe to resign. If the only accusation against Thorpe was that he was gay, then yes there would have been a major  and unfair hounding against him, but it is the evidence of financial lack of morality and everything else tied with that which saw him in real trouble and led to the public believing he was guilty of something major, even after he was aquitted.


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