Len McCluskey. One of Labour's Problems

You can sometimes pinpoint some of the great cataclysms in history down to simple events. Those events are not the whole cause, but they do act as the fuse. Such as the poor chauffer driving the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife down a wrong street, thus leading to a double assasination, thus leading to the outbrake of World War One.
In fact, you could almost pinpoint some of Labour's current problems down to an incident in a House of Commons bar on the evening of February 22nd 2012. That night, Eric Joyce got into a drunken fracas. As stated in his Wikipedia entry:

He was reported to have attacked as many as six politicians, including a Labour whip, after having gone "berserk" following a dispute with a group of Tory MPs sitting nearby.He headbutted and punched the Conservative MP, Stuart Andrew, after striking Labour Assistant Whip, Phil Wilson, while Wilson was attempting to restrain him. He also headbutted Thurrock Conservative Councillor, Ben Maney, and punched Basildon Conservative Councillor, Luke Mackenzie, both of whom were attempting to break up the incident. Two more Conservative MPs, Alec Shelbrooke and Jackie Doyle-Price, were also caught up in the fracas while attempting to intervene and calm Joyce down. A door window was smashed as Joyce attempted to resist arrest before being removed by police and taken to Belgravia police station. The disturbance occurred at the Strangers' Bar (reserved for MPs and their guests).

Joyce was not only questioned by police, he was suspended from the Labour Party, leading to a selection process in his Falkirk seat. Suspicions and allegations of skulduggery there by Len McCluskey led to Ed Miliband stating that "Instead of defending what happened in Falkirk, Len McCluskey should be facing up to his responsibilities. He should not be defending the machine politics involving bad practice and malpractice that went on there, he should be facing up to it."
This led to Ed Miliband changing the rules about Labour leaderhsip elections, but this played into the hands of the hard Left, of whom McCluskey is no enemy, and the net result was that Corbyn was elected Labour leader.

During the last two and a half years, McCluskey has been a hinderance, rather than a help to Labour, threatening those who stand in his way and even getting into problems with his own Union. Now there is this! I do hope his close friend, the Labour General Secretary, and Jeremy Corbyn, and others, are aware of the almost single handed damage he has caused and is causing the Labour Party. The fact that he has shown gross insensitivity today to Labour MP's standing against Anti-Semitism and to the Jewish Board of Deputies, and many other Jewish groups and individuals, that alone makes him unfit to be Unite General Secretary


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