The Doctor Who Target Novellisations

I am a bit behind with this I know, but I do not think it is too late as such to wax lyrical about this.
During Doctor Who's eighteen month absence in the Mid 1980s and during a family holiday in Hong Kong in the Spring of 1987 (where we went to see an Aunt and Uncle and a friend of theirs lent some Doctor Who novels for my brother and I to read on rainy days) I became well aquainted with the Target novelisations. I got to find much about the past of the character, his exile on Earth and his battles with The Master (a villain I got to appreciate a great deal). I also loved the turn of phrase from some of the novelists, such as this blunt line from Malcolm Hulke's adaptation of The Green Death, "Mr Stevens was impressed with people who had won the Nobel Prize because Mr Stevens was a snob"
So it is that I am pleased that a series of novelisations of some Doctor Who adventures over the past twelve years have been published. In particular I am looking forward to Steven Moffat's novelisation, being appreciative of his work. Whether we shall see rich turns of phrase I do not know but it will be fun finding out


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