"Trump is Morally Unfit To Be President"

These comments by James Comey, echoes well what many see in terms of Trump's attitude and behaviour. I have never quite understood, ideology aside, how people could have brought themselves to vote for him, either in the primaries, or in the Presidential election itself, and those people will have to live with the fact that they have helped damaged America's reputation. What is telling is that, while Comey pulled no punches, he was more dignified and restrained than Trump has been in many of his tweets.
I also get the arguments that it is better for Trump to be voted out of office as a fitting punishment, but it could also be argued that Trump's ego will not allow for that and he would not seek re-election in such circumstances so he can fuel the lie to himself and others that he is loved by the American people. If Trump has committed crimes worthy of impeachment then he needs to be impeached.


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