Windrush: The House of Commons Spat

The story of many who came over through Windrush and who, through no fault of their own, find themselves deported or threatened with deportation from the UK, continues to make news. It grew further today when, at the dispatch box, Theresa May accused Labour have starting the policy of destroying the original landing cards, and then proceeded to tell Jeremy Corbyn that she would take no lectures from a leader who has not dealt properly with anti-semitism.
I am disgusted with a variety of aspects of this. 1) That this started at all, whether under a Labour or Conservative government. 2) That it seems to have been continued and/or not sufficently dealt with until now, and that this happened under the watch of Theresa May, now of course, Prime Minister, and since then, Amber Rudd. 3) That the PM seems to be keen to try and shovel the blame onto Labour while ignoring her and Amber Rudd's involvement 4) That the PM chose to mention her assertions at PMQs, thus at least giving the impression that she decided to arrange telling what she knew or has been told, at a time and place aimed to give Labour a savage partisan kick 5) That Jeremy Corbyn has been dragging his feet over the anti-semitism issue within the Labour Party, and that he and others within the Labour leadership have failed Labour and the Jewish community badly by doing so. I cannot criticise May for saying she will take moral lessons from Corbyn when that has happened!
All in all not a very edifying day for either Conservative, Labour, or their respective leaders. This country deserves better from them


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