Ireland Votes to Overturn Abortion Ban in Landslide

For many this will mean a chance to avoid suffering and agonies that many who oppose do not understand, let alone appreciate, for some others, it will be seen as a moral setback. This is what happens in the end after a long period, when some individuals (Yes, I am thinking of Eamon De Valera) try to create a newly formed country around their cultural certainties, let alone their moral certainties, with little room for practicalities, manouvere, and indeed empathy. In trying to avoid one image that they saw as negative, in their determination, they did not see the drawbacks to their own visions.
 What the challenge is now, is far more difficult, to look at the causes and problems that lead to abortion and to fight the social and economic problems there. That is something that can unite many of those who are Pro Life and many of those of who Pro Choice


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