Martin Luther King, Bernice King, and the Casual Alt-Right Co-Opting by Steve Bannon

There is something very disturbing when the Alt-Right praise Martin Luther King and yet show no sign of following his examples, in fact the opposite. But then we see that with various individuals in history. What makes this a bit of a bitter pill to swallow is that Steve Bannon says that Martin Luther King would approve of Trump's economic policies, and Bernice King, MLK's daughter, has rightly taken him to task on this issue.
Thing is, you need to ask yourself what would Martin Luther King say not only about Trump himself, but the border issue, with how Trump is towards migrants, in fact given how King linked social responsibility with economics, he would be appalled given Trump's views towards Healthcare and, yes with tragic irony, gun control. The events of Charlottesville and Trump's reaction would have particularly sickened King
It is easy for people to Co-Opt the memory of Martin Luther King, but then one must then ask when that happens, where would that individual have been during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s?


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