Brexit Cultural and Political Meltdown

Over the past few days it has become clear, more than ever, just how toxic and damaging Brexit is going to be for the UK, not just in terms of finances, but in terms of politics, and in terms of common decency, and in terms of culture.
In terms of culture because of the increase in racism that we see in this country. When we see in increase in the activities of Britain First, when you see the UKIP leader Gerald Batten give succour to such people, that encourages racism.
In terms of common decency because of the nasty and unpleasant language that is increasing. Not least people like David Campbell-Bannerman who has insulted a great many people today with this comment, including at least one or two relatives. In normal circumstances I imagine he would be expelled from the Conservative Party, but in this day and age you can never be too sure!
In terms of culture because of the disconnect over civility, in the increase of "us and them" in sneering at parts of the country that think differently
And in terms of the economy, because a hard Brexit will tank the UK economy, bringing it into a worse situation than the 1930s, with food stockpiling already beginning, we already see Jeremy Corbyn advocating a Brexit alongside economic policies favoured by Tony Benn in the 1970s and early 1980s. Hard Left Sub Marxist policies that will create a siege economy and permanantely cripple the UK. I hope he has a rethink on that, but equally I hope the UK as a whole has a major rethink.
Ayesha Hazarika has put the need and case for a second referendum well, and that may well be the get out clause. As someone who voted Remain but has supported a soft Brext for two years as a means of protecting and uniting the country, I am now questioning as to whether that is realistically possible!


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