Ian Austin Under Investigation

Ian Austin is the adopted son of Jewish parents, his sense of anger is understandable and palpable, and while there are accusations of swearing, there is a possible declared witness as to his innocence. I sincerely hope all of that is taken into account in the investigation.Sad though, how speedily his case is dealt with compared to say, Jackie Walker's!
It does highlight how precarious a position the Labour Party is in, it does highlight deep concerns and understandable cynicism regarding the woeful response the Labour Party has made in dealing with Anti-Semitism, and this footage of Corbyn circulated this weekend, plus Skwakbox's Anti-Semitic tweet, adds to the sense that the moral survival of the Labour Party is a matter of urgency
The NEC Elections are starting with the results in September, if you want to save the Labour Party, I suggest you look at the candidates respective profiles and vote for those who plan to endorse the IHRA definition in full. Otherwise we may be seeing the end of the Labour Party


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