The Growing Cesspit of Anti-Semitism Within Labour

Yet another day, yet another blogpost about the increasing Anti-Semitism within Labour, and the fact it is just not being dealt with! After Pete Willsman's recorded disgusting rant was released to the public yesterday, more than 24 hours ago, we have seen no disciplinary action against him. Whereas it was a matter of small hours with regards to Margaret Hodge's far less awful crime of being angry with Jeremy Corbyn.
Then there is the latest tape being released regarding the possibility Corbyn asked Willsman to let him know pieces of the Chakrabarti report "we need to be a bit careful about", then there is this event, which I hope Corbyn can deny more quickly than his outburst about Willsman's comments, at which he remained silent. Tell me, could you imagine any other previous Labour leader remaining silent in the face of such a rant? If Corbyn criticised him at the meeting, if he is disgusted by Willsman, he should say so immediately
This is a time of grave crisis for Labour, I have heard people far more tribal than me say that if things continue like this they will leave the Party. That will be catastrophic! The NEC elections have become key to Labour's survival, and if you cannot see that and you are a Party member, then I fear for Labour's future


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