Corbyn's Article Did Not Go Far Enough. Nowhere Near Far Enough, Regarding Anti-Semitism!

Lets give credit where credit is deserved. It is good that Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he is determined to root out Anti-Semitism. It is good that he acknowledges there is a problem and he needs to take a stance and a "Not in my name!" approach. All kudos there
But the article was a rehash from a piece last spring! It was published on Friday evening, so no chance for a lot of Jewish people who are highly observant of the Sabbath to respond quickly, and there were moments in the article that made me for one, raise my eyebrow, such as this!

"...let alone an “existential threat”, to Jewish life in Britain, as three Jewish newspapers recently claimed. That is the kind of overheated rhetoric that can surface during emotional political debates"

For a leader of a political party engulfed in an Anti-Semitism row, to accuse three Jewish newspapers of "overheated rhetoric!" defies comprehension! Whether Corbyn wrote that, or Seamus Milne wrote that, it needs a total and unqualified apology from the leader's office asap. No if's, no but's! It all adds to the sense of what will it take for the Labour Party as a whole to understand and when will the cult cease?


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