Labour Needs To Make a Shift On IHRA Proposals

When you have not just the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party saying that Labour should adopt the IHRA proposals in full, but also leading union officials from Unison and the GMB (Would be nice of Unite were involved in that as well, but quelle surprise), then the Labour leadership should sit up and take notice. Not that they will, they acknowledge that the Jewish community are upset and will take soundings, but thezn there is another problem there. When you face an upset community of a race such as Judaism, you listen and and take into account what is said and act on it, not patronise and delay.
What we are facing now within the Labour Party, in terms of confidence, in terms of dealing with racism and bullying, in terms of perception, is the worst crisis in it's history. This weekend has seen some very tough questions for Corbyn to answer regarding Black September and either he gives satisfactory answers, or there will be a further erosion of Labour Party support. If Labour face a general election within the next year and nothing changes, tough questions will have to be asked within the Party. I would not expect the full throttle Corbynistas to understand, or worse, care, but I do ask for people on the Soft Left to deeply consider the damage being done and to ask themselves how comfortable they would feel if situations occured where the current leadership felt comfortable kicking the Anti-Semitism issue into the long grass. This cannot continue. Enough is enough!


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