Versailles. A Review

So the third and final series of Versailles is over, and what a series it has been.
If, like me, you are unfamiliar with the reign of Louis XIV, it was probably less frustrating to watch than it was for those who were, but even I could see that it was slightly inaccurate in terms of chronology, something which is always a sore point with me in terms of drama. I dislike composite characters, playing around with chronology of events and dates, anything like that. You can surely keep a good drama going while remaining faithful to those core things.
That said it was fun, all the key aspects were covered. The man in the iron mask, the tension with the Netherlands, the poisons, the court politics. Kudos to George Blagden and Alexander Vlahos for creating such three dimensional characters throughout the series. People you despise one minute, and totally root for the next, without seeing any immediate major shift in character. Kudos also to the rest of the cast, for the empathy they brought in a decadent age.
I am saddened that there will be no fourth series, but I see they have taken it as far as they can, and best to leave on a high. I wish the cast and crew well and as a result of the series, have found myself reading up more on the reign of Louis XIV


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