Blocking Brexit and the Far Right

Right now what is going on regarding Brexit and the government this country is legal. May's deal is being debated in Parliament, there is the option of delaying Article 50 until we get agreement, also legal, and talk of a People's Vote, which is not only legal,Mobutu is about consulting the people again and what can be wrong with that? Rather like a computer program asking if you are sure when you make moves to shut it down.
So when Chris Grayling talks about the rise of the far right if Brexit is stopped, he is ignoring due process, and worse than that, he is talking the language of appeasement. The yellow vests outside Parliament don't really care about the public, (well not the public per se, not those who are different to them in any way or deign to disagree with them) they care about bulldozing their own way forward, because if they did care they would respect what MP's are trying to do, namely get an agreement that works for Britain subject to the final say from the people, which incidentally more politicians are backing


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