Corbyn, Anti-Semitism, and the Milton Keynes Issue

This is disgraceful but hardly surprising. If Corbyn attends a memorial commemorating a terrorist, having a bad taste in friends, is not getting a grip on dealing with anti-semitism, this just adds to the disgust, not shocking on it's own terms. It will not persuade most Party members that Corbyn is utterly unsutied to be leader (after all, they elected Pete Willsman to the NEC after his outrageous comments on complaints about anti-semitism). But it should help remind moderates who are keen for a leadership change, not to relax, not to get comfortable, and that Labour is on a one way track to moral catastrophe unless people wake up, and to be constantly prepared to leave the moment there is clearly no hope for the Party's future.
That said, one thing should make Corbynistas, especially the Pro European ones, sit up and take notice, are his public condemnations of constituents who did not return pro-Palestinian MP's If he does that on this issue, expect him to lack understanding when Labour loses elections under his leadership, or indeed expect him not to listen to the Remainers or the People's Vote campaign


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