Thought for the Day CMVIII

Ephesians Ch 3 vs 1-13 tells of St Paul stating that he will tell the wonders of God's grace that has been revealed and that, while he was chosen, he was the least of all the Apostles of Christ.
That bit is important, Grace does not just touch those who seem nice. On BBC One on Sunday evenings at the moment there is a dramatisation of Les Miserables where a man is trying to be decent and honourable, but is constantly being hunted down with ruthlessness by a police inspector called Javert, for petty crimes acknowledged and unacknowledged. It tells of the importance of the law but also the value of Grace and that sometimes some interpretations of the law is too brutal.
In our lives we need to be aware that Grace is freely offered to us but that also God freely offers it to all


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