Owen Jones Vs Andrew Neil

I have to say that I am not a fan of This Week, something I have mentioned on this blog before. More to do with style over content, like being a teenager watching parents on a disco floor, so it was that I did not see the interesting exchange you can see in this video, on Thursday evening
The thing is I think Owen Jones, while being clumsy about this, has a point. The Spectator has written unacceptle pieces and has, and has had, columnists I certainly would not hire (and Mars Hill has a Conservative Party member among it's contributors, so this is not narrow tribalism) as this piece describes well. While as Chairman Andrew Neil is right to say he has no involvement in the day to day running, he got over defensive and did himself few favours in the process.
However that does not make a saint out of Owen Jones, who while he has shown bravery and guts against the UK yellow vests, has tied himself too closely to the Corbyn project and not been loudly present when needed in the heavy calls against anti-semitism within the Labour Party and here we have the problem with UK politics in a nutshell, too much polarisation and virtue signalling which actually shows a woeful lack of self awareness. How long will this last?


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