Places To Live Abroad In the Event of a No Deal Brexit

While Yvette Cooper's amendment yesterday has eased things somewhat we are not out of the woods yet, so with that in mind I have decided to compile a list of places to emigrate abroad should we end up with a No Deal Brexit and the U.K. going into economic free fall.


Near neighbour. Population of around five million, wide rural landscapes, growing economy, and friendly people. How many of us could ignore that? That said, a No Deal Brexit may damage the Irish economy and infantry true and there is the border issue


Another near neighbour, one of the largest nations in Europe, varied and sophisticated, with a radical edge. There are a no of UK communities in France and contrary to what some will tell you, the people are welcoming. Downside is that it can be an insular country, but then so can many others, including the UK


A varied country, politically centrist in many respects, in spite of the AfD, and with a sustainable economy, with places as diverse from Bavaria to Saxony. Only downside is that things are a bit shaky there at present, both politically and economically


Growing economy, population of around 33 million, second largest country in the world, almost untainted by populism. You would need a skill not fulfilled already in Canada, but otherwise worth a look


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