When Will Labour Take Anti-Semitism Seriously?

Last September I mentioned I was on the verge of leaving Labour, and this action yesterday, plus this, has made me seriously consider leaving again. The only thing stopping me at the moment is the prospect of Corbyn losing the leadership over Brexit. Certainly as things stand I find it very hard to see myself campaigning for Labour at the next general election.
I appreciate the value of due process and that some accused may well be innocent, but in one of those cases I linked to the investigation had not finished, Labour is becoming a laughing stock at best on anti-semitism, and it seems to be unwilling to take the issue as seriously as it should, especially when you take into account Emily Thornberry's recent pathetic comment
If this issue is not sorted out by the general election, which may be weeks away, then Labour will fracture significantly, on top of the fracture it will heavily face over Brexit. Loyalties will then need to be questioned for the good of the country


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