Canada and Immigration

During my more unhappy moments regarding Brexit, I wonder where Rachel and I can live abroad. Ireland and Canada are top of my own preferred list, more likely Canada. More oppurtunities, plus I have relatives there. Part of the attraction is that it feels like the West should be. Populists do not seem to have got far, we have an arch moderate government, it feels like a beacon of good old fashioned liberal common sense. That said one person said to me, "You will still have a***holes, there, just like any other country!"
I see where that person is coming from. Human nature and it's downside exist everywhere, but still Canada seems to have it's grip on things where other countries are struggling, although it does seem to have a rising undercurrent of right wing populism regarding immigration
One does not want to downplay that, but in a country where the Leader of the Opposition is the son of Indian immigrants and which has a reputation of being welcoming, and with a relatively small population, plus not having populism dominating it's main political parties, and growing as an economic power. Canada is doing well, still the fact where the underlying horrors are present, which one sincerely hopes are nipped in the bud, is a savage indictment on countries where populism does seem to be taking over


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