Chris Williamson Stating Labour is "Too Apologetic" Over Anti-Semitism!!

To most sensible people who know the facts, this is an outrage. In normal circumstances Chris Williamson would be suspended from the Labour Party and then expelled, and rightly so, but given how the Party has foot dragged over Jackie Walker, one wonders if Williamson will be kicked out of the Party! Thankfully Tom Watson seems to be watching him with hostility
But more needs to be done. John McDonnell must explain why he continues to defend Jackie Walker, could it be because of his sharing a platform with Jackie Walker on the Labour Representation Committee? Shadow Cabinet members like Barry Gardiner saying Anti-Semitism is a small issue in the Labour Party, Len McCluskey's comments about Anti-Semitism allegations being "mood music" have helped fuel such situations, simply by holding a leadership position within the Party, and any such comments add to such a toxic atmosphere in any case!
It is up to Tom Watson and others to decide what to do,if they can!


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