Do McDonnell and Thornberry Have Friends in Wavertree CLP?

I have long regarded McDonnell as a disengenuous machavelian and Emily Thornberry as an objectionable oppurtunist, but this is incredible if true. It shows that these are people who are not to be trusted and certainly McDonnell made unpleasant and disengenuous comments over the weekend regarding Luciana Berger, and Emily Thornberry said nothing, and then yesterday lunchtime  her spokesperson made a brief comment open to interpretation.  Interestingly both said nothing on Saturday.
Actions, not words matter in the fight against Anti-Semitism and the actions we have seen here from these two individuals says a great deal. Words and a lack of action! Where is their backing up of Tom Watson's demand for action against those who have been bullying Luciana Berger? The moderates within Labour need to show radical alternatives and we need to prepare for a major fight back


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