Donald Tusk and Hell

Donald Tusk's comments have received widespread condemnation and a lot of defence, and in some respects both have fair points, and that is not fence sitting and I will explain why
First of all Tusk's comments were not only offensive, but also very unhelpful. It has, and will continue to, put up the backs of those who support Brexit and will help make a No Deal even more of an inevitability. He is right to be angry about the No Deal Brexit supporters, but there are ways of showing that anger.
However, anyone who knows something about Donald Tusk will know he is a street fighter in tempramate. He needed to be. He grew up and became politically active in Poland when it was under a communist dictatorship and he was opposed to the regime there. One needed every fibre of mental resistance in a situation such as theirs! Why else do you think Pope John Paul II was so dogmatic and blunt in the way he made his opinions known! When you are used to seeing brick walls against you, you end up always going for the hammer
I hope for all our sakes this is resolved, but lets be clear, Donald Tusk should have been more temperate in his language, but equally that should not have leave the No Deal Brexit supporters off the hook, some of whom bandy words like "Remoaner" and "Traitor" around way too casually, and that can have horrendous consequences


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