Liverpool Wavertree CLP Withdraw No Confidence Motions

But only after much criticism. What is even more depressing is that Tom Watson was the only senior Shadow Cabinet member to speak out in defence of Luciana Berger. John McDonnell was disengenuous, and Corbyn, Thornberry, and Abbott, rather unsurprisingly, were silent!
They are not the only ones who did not show themselves in a good light yesterday. Owen Jones went from being critical of Luciana Berger and then supportive in a matter of hours, presumably assuming people did not notice, and Jennie Formby has yet to respond to Tom Watson's call for Liverpool Wavertree CLP to be suspended.
These are leading figures within the Labour Party and when an MP needs their help they have shown a comprehensive lack of support when being attacked by those who appear to be fuelled by Anti-Semitism! Their actions, and in some cases inactions, stain the Labour Party and thereby harm the country. Shame on them!


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