Luciana Berger and Labour

The news yesterday that Luciana Berger is facing deselection was painful but not surprising. Any moderate Labour MP who puts their head above the parapet is going to face more than a tsunami of online trolls. Of course while a no of MP's have defended the Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavetree, including Shadow Cabinet member Jonathan Ainsworth, the ones who matter have remained silent. Not least those at the very top. In fact John McDonnell is being very disengenuous. He needs to ask himself, if he has not already, why Luciana Berger might be attracted to helping to form a breakaway party or leaving Labour and she has not stated she is doing either! Her main attacks on the Labour leadership, as well he knows, is over Anti-Semitism. Some have stated they will leave the Labour Party if Luciana Berger is deselected, so the onus is on the Labour leadership to show what they are consistently lacking, namely moral integrity. Publicly support Luciana, and start the fight against Anti-Semitism, instead of using platitudes, starting with suspending Pete Willsman and expelling Jackie Walker!


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