The Please Not A No Deal Brexit Top Ten Songs Part 3

So, concluding the list of songs to have as a soundtrack to the Brexit countdown, I present the following

7) Electioneering, Radiohead

Somewhat reminiscent of the issues regarding the Leave campaign during the referendum. Performed here by the Portland Cello Project

8) We're Going To Change The World, Matt Monro

The semi-satirical lyrics about protest seems to fit those who are keen to force a No Deal Brexit on the rest of the UK

9) Danny Boy/Londonderry Air, Jasper Orchestra

A reminder of the UK's neighbours, whom many Brexit enthusiasts seem to forget on a regular basis

10) Jerusalem, BBC Symphony Orchestra

Because sometimes we need a reminder that what makes Britain great is constantly striving to work together and show the Christian values of love and kindness "Till we have built Jerusalem, in England's green and pleasant land"

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