The Yellow Vests Protests in France. Week 13

So another week, and yet another blogpost about the Yellow Vests protests in France. What has struck me about this of late is not just the fact they are dying down, but that substantial no's of French people seem to support them.
It's a depressing thought, not least given the way both the far right and the far left have been hovering around the Yellow Vests, trying to gain influence and that the French government is trying to answer many of the concerns listed by the Yellow Vests
Maybe there is a way out on this that other countries infected by populism could consider, and that involves bringing back public meetings, forums, where people can debate and put forward what they want out of politics and get to listen to, in highly organised circumstances, what those who disagree with them have to say. Part of the problemn we have is that there is not only a lack of listening between politicians and the public, but that the public do not listen to each other and end up in echo chambers


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