Ilhan Omar and Israel

In many respects Ilhan Omar's election to Congress was launching a no of positive firsts. First muslim woman elected to Congress for starters. She has also backed worthy causes such as the right to a minimum wage, but one thing disturbs me about her politics.Not simply her criticism of Israel, but her use of Anti-Semitic tropes. Once might be ignorance, several times can lead to questions being asked.
In criticising the actions of an Israeli government, due care is needed. At best Ilhan Omar is not using due care and is failing to take care to distinguish between criticism of Israeli actions with Israel per se and use of Anti-Semitic tropes. I sincerely hope she is just blundering and not thinking about what she is saying, because the alternative is somewhat disturbing. Some have argued that Omar is bringing Corbynite politics to the US Democrats. I hope not, because trust me, especially at this point in time, the Democrats can do without that kind of hassle


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