Labour and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission

Thursday was a shameful day for Labour, in that, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission saw enough on face value to feel an investigation into the Labour Party is warranted. That is bad in itself, only the BNP have merited such an investigation in the past.
What is encouraging is that many Labour MP's and Peers are keen to fully co-operate but this is a major turning point for Labour. If the EHRC rule against Labour, and that is probable, then the unions will have to act immediately, irrespective what what Len McCluskey wants (irrespective of whether he is doing the decent thing and retiring). Because if nothing is done, then either there will be firm moves against the Corbynistas, or there will be a massive walkout, it would be horrible, but if it's ideals need to survive, in the sceneario I have mentioned, either of those actions will need to be done


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