Paul Sweeney and Political Cleansing

Some will cheer, many will say this action by Paul Sweeney stinks, and rightly so. At worst it is pandering to racists, at best it is craven oppurtunism. Sadly it is what one has now come to expect within a Corbyn led Labour Party.
Such actions, such as those that have led some Labour MP's to TIG, and indeed some activists, also take away lifelong Labour voters, who by turning away will damage Labour's electoral chances and it will take a lot to bring them back, plus a lot of humble pie being eaten by Labour.
What will help bring people back is a moderate Labour leader, and one who will know that one of the many things that will help inspire confidence again is if most of Labour's frontbench is sacked (unless they publicly apologise for their respective actions in a way that will satisfy those whom they have upset) and that will include Paul Sweeney


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