The Bercow Manouvere

Much has been made of this, with much of the morning Pro Brexit newspapers spitting in anger and some commentators deciding that John Bercow is not up to the job. Much as I love the House of Commons, I am not up on the total intracacies of proceedure, but I do wonder why he seems not to have done the decent thing and warned the government well in advance of the path they were taking and if not, why not? Making comments about holding members hands is not enough. That said why the civil service did not advise the government is beyond me!
 The question now is, what must the government do next. In my view they have no alternative but to concentrate on delaying Article 50 and working flat out with the opposition, but I fear they will not, and as the clock runs down and uncertainty grips the UK, the economy will suffer without us crashing out with No Deal. That said, many have tried what Theresa May is doing, ie voter herding, but it is easily spotted at fifty paces and it leaves people angry and resentful. If May's deal does get through, simply by the clock being run down and Bercow somehow being overruled, there will be harsh consequences for the government. Many have said they will not vote Labour again regarding their messes, I suspect the same will be said regarding the Conservatives on this issue


Geoff said…
This is too credulous on your part. The Erskine May rule that Bercow invoked had been the subject of considerable debate over the preceding week. Only the most spectacularly incompetent Government would have failed to research the subject and prepare a response.

Oh, wait...... Never mind, I guess it went pretty much how we should have expected.

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