Former Pope Argues Against Relaxing Priestly Celibacy Rules

Being neither a Roman Catholic, let alone a priest, and happily married, I am perhaps not exactly in a good place to make a comment on this, and if that is so, then I apologise, but while I can see the merits of some of the Pope Emeritus's arguments, it is an issue that is neither bound in scripture, or indeed by canon law. Indeed 1 Corinthians Ch 7 has St Paul saying that if a person does not feel they can be celibate they should be married, while at the same time praising singleness. He also seems to have gone out of his way not to treat one state as better than the other. On the basis of the points I have just made I think Roman Catholic priests should have the option of marriage, but equally those who choose singleness should be respected for their decision


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