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Thanksgiving and what I'd say to a Republican

Nearly all Americans will have the 22nd of November off work this year because they will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day. I will still be working because I live in London, though I will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant after work. It’s difficult to explain Thanksgiving to most British people, as it’s rooted in mythology as much as history. The historical basis was the first harvest at Plymouth Colony (now part of modern-day Massachusetts). Many of the traditions that developed the original Thanksgiving were influenced by the celebration of Sukkot in the autumn. The modern Thanksgiving dinner incorporates American culinary developments over the last two centuries, extensive air travel to see families, and the development of a “holiday season” that starts with Thanksgiving and ends with New Year’s Day.
Thanksgiving involves more travel to see family than any other holiday. As a result of this, the holiday is associated more than any other with awkward encounters with relativ…

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