The end of Live 8 pt 1

Well the Hyde Park set overran by some three hours and the 'Hey Jude' finale seemed a little chaotic, but it was worth it. The Who played well, although it is like seeing Queen perform these days, you can see strong ehoes and strength from the past but cannot help but feel that something is missing. Pink Floyd definetly helped steal the show though. Roger Waters performing with them for the first-time in twenty years and perhaps still some difficulties between him and David Gilmour, and yet it was all put aside. I quite liked seeing a banner in the crowd which said 'Pink Floyd have reformed, pigs can fly!'
But again, this is all for a strong purpose, it would be unfair if millions of people around the world signed the online petition and over half the world's population watched this, only for no proper deal to be made by the G8 leaders. As McCartney said during his set, this is too big a voice to ignore


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