Fox News pt 2

Well I suppose I shouldn't really be angry with Fox News as we all know they are too immature to know any better, but all the same you wonder where the compassion and decency is. My anger is also partly fuelled by the fact that I still haven't heard back from one or two people, although I am convinced that it is more to do with not being able to, or being caught up with other concerns than actually being in the danger zone when the bombs went off (That said some friends of friends had some very close calls. One friend was out of London but works just off Russell Square). I can't be angry about those responsible, that diminished the other day. They are psychopaths who have no sense of decency, compassion, and have no understanding of Islam at all, and those who plan such things just use Islam as an excuse for their evil bloodlust. Would you expect any different behaviour from them. We were almost expecting this in London, there were moments, not often but sometimes, when I travelled on the Tube and wondered if I was walking into a dangerous situation of the kind we saw on Thursday. We can, and will, and must, track down and punish those responsible for their evil and cowardly actions. It is those who should know better who I get angry about. People in politics and the media who should be more responsible and by and large most have, and then you get those usual suspects who decide to use it as a political football to attack their enemies. That really is low!


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