Less than thirty-six hours and counting...

Apologies for not making an entry yesterday, but things got a bit busy.
Being in the last week of campaigning, things change slightly. You start to help organise and arrange what should be done on the day, you change tactics slightly in campaigning, and you get a tiny bit nervous, not so much because you might win or lose, but because it is coming up to the final day.
Monday evening saw more canvassing, some individuals have still yet to make up their minds, some are mentioning their concerns still, such as the road in Yeomanry Drive, which one or two want to see a major renovation on. Some are concerned about Baldock Town Hall, and are worried the Conservatives will be selling it off to some private business (The same fears regarding the village green in Yeomanry Drive)! I sincerely hope the Conservative-controlled North Herts District Council will not be doing that, because to do so will permanently damage a lot of goodwill from many in Baldock, and I shall be fighting to make sure that the Town Hall is used to serve Baldock in the spirit of which it was intended.
Then there are the Liberal Democrats!
They say Labour cannot win in Baldock East! Well no more than the other parties involved, we had some very good canvass returns in the Ward in the General Election, if we didn't think we could win we would not have put in the effort we have done, and have still to do.
They also say that the Town Hall should be used for the benefit of Baldock people. I am sure many agree with that, but what do they mean exactly? Because there is feeling that it should not be sold off to some private business and instead should be used as an active community, or active and open council building.
So please, for those of you who live in the Ward. Think about your vote tomorrow, use it wisely, please go out and vote above all, as it is your chance to be involved in choosing an individual who you feel can best represent you on North Herts District Council for Baldock East.


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