The Result

Paul David Burgin (Lab) 31
Marilyn Kirkland (Lib Dem) 331
Leslie Wilsher (Con) 324

Okay so I lost, and badly as well. Although I gather many switched simply to help keep the Tories out, and who can blame them!
Obviously this is not the result I hoped, although the Conservatives will have to ask themselves why they lost and pay far more heed to the genuine concerns of the people of Baldock and not go for cosmetic impressions.
As for the Liberal Democrats? Well I wish them well, they fought hard, although I think they will have to define their policies more and take into account that whilst 331 people voted for them, 355 people who voted were not sufficently impressed with their manifesto.
My thanks to those who helped, to the 31 who voted (I will try and continue to stand for your concerns, albeit from another direction due to the election result), and I will endeavour to help make Labour a stronger voice in Baldock for those who feel left out of the decisions that are made for the town.
But for now, I think I will collapse in front of the TV and then to bed.


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