As I think I have mentioned before, I do have a weakness for detective stories, although I find I watch them on TV and film, as opposed to reading them.
That said, I am reading a detective novel at the moment, where the protagonist is one of my all-time detective heroes, Inspector Morse
I like Morse for a no of reasons. There are the sentimental reasons, I lived just down the road in Enstone for a few years, and Oxford is a city I first expereinced as somewhere my parents did their Saturday shopping. I remember being about six years old, and finding Oxford mentioned in a children's book on the English Civil War and being a bit shocked that it was famous! Plus, as fellow bloggers Jo and Antonia might tell you, if you watch an episode of Morse, or anything else set in Oxford, there is the amusement when you see a character or two go down one street in Oxford and see them emerge in a different part of the city. There was also the added thrill when I saw the last ever episode and I saw Morse enter the John Radcliffe Hospital for a check-up. The entrance he used was in real-life the entrance to the Mother and Baby unit, where my brother and sister were born (They're not twins, there's four years between them).
Now I got the self-indulgence out of the way, the other thing I like about Morse is the fact that he is human. He likes all the things which are bad for his health and he can be arrogant, rude, and sardonic. That said, there is a fundamental sense of decency about Morse. As one of the characters in the episode Fat Chance puts it; "Morse is one of the good guys"
It also means that, unlike some detectives who seem to be unusually perfect, Morse doesn't always get it right.
So you can imagine how pleased I am that, whilst Morse was killed-off in the last story, his former sidekick, Lewis is making a return with a spin-off, simply entitled Lewis.
It's on this evening, on ITV at 9PM, and whilst I have my reservations (Morse is a hard act to follow), I have some faith in his sidekick!


Anonymous said…
Yay but oh no!

Why do they always put schedule stuff that I want to watch on nights that I won't be here?
Anonymous said…
Oops. Note self - if you plan to change what you're writing half way through, make sure you edit it properly and read it before you post...
Anonymous said…
I give up!
Paul Burgin said…
That said, can't you video it, or at the very least do you have digital because they might well repeat it!
BCB Webmaster said…
Hi Paul,

Funnily enough, after thinking that I would like to watch an episode of Morse again, I bought a dvd of series 8 last night. Open the Radio Times today and lo and behold - Leww-isss! As the Inspector used to say. I liked what you said about Morse's humanity, it was spot on. One thing you never mentioned was his car. I am not normally a car fan but that Jaguar. Mmmm.

Paul Burgin said…
I like the Jaguar, and the episdoe was good. Unfortunatley I have to get up early in the morning, so I only saw the first-hour-and-a-half, so no spoilers with regards to whodunnit please!

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