Mark Oaten and the Rentboys

Well, this was one that just came out of the blue! Some politicians, you hear innuendo and gossip, whether true or not, and so you are not entirely surprised when a particular story occasionally breaks into the spotlight.
But this is something else! My first thought was that gossip must have started doing the Westminster rounds and this is why he quit, but apparently not!
So, what do I make of it all? Well I feel very sorry for him, leading a double life and then being publicly exposed like that must be a horrible experience.
But I also feel sorry for his family, who must feel somewhat betrayed, and just what did he think he was doing? Doing something for the thrill of danger might have something to do with it, but then he also stood for the leadership of the Lib Dems and that kind of thing warrants a lot of attention, some of it unwelcome.
All in all, I think he has been very foolish, and to a degree, somewhat arrogant, but that said 'But for the grace of God...'


Horrible isn't it.
By the way, and I may be wrong (!), but did you know (and you probably do) that 'Mars Hill' stands for 'Areopagus'?
Paul Burgin said…
I didn't
But as you can guess, I named it Mars Hill, because that's where St Paul preached and debated in Athens
Anonymous said…
Hey Paul,

On a lighter night, what I can't work out is how did you miss writing a blog on old Two Jags' nifty bit of tax dodging. There are numerous entries having a go at 'Georgeous' George Galloway, one on David Cameron and a nice piece for Gordon Brown and Neil Kinnock (have you got your flag up yet?), but nothing on Prescott.

Shurey shome mistak.

Paul Burgin said…
The Prescott one wasn't mentioned often enough, and it didn't quite capture my attention.

Kerron said…
"Mark Oaten & the Rentboys" - would be a great name for a band! :-)
Paul Burgin said…
I've heard worse jokes

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