The nominations are somewhat predictable, and I am sure we all have our favourites (and that most of us have not seen all the mainstream nominations), suffice to say that in the midst of Brokeback Mountain, Good Night and Good Luck, and Capote, you would give a moment to consider Walk The Line (admittedly I am a bit of a Johnny Cash fan), and hope that it gets an Oscar.
Oh, and that Keira Knightley gets an Oscar for Pride and Prejudice, if only because she is British, she was in a film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and that...
Well the fact she is Keira Knightley ;).
Okay, very shallow reasons there, but there tend to be with Oscars (BTW If I ever become a successful writer and get a nomination for 'Best Screenplay', may I point out that this is in jest ;) ). Suffice to say I am not asking for Walk The Line to sweep the board. Just a bit of a nod or a wink would suffice.


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