Coming up to the 500th

Blog entry here.
But before the fireworks are lit and the champange bottles opened, I thought I would celebrate by leaving it to you guys what you want me to blog about. Whatever is the maj view on the posted responses here (or the one I like the most), I will write up on it and give full credit to the person who suggested it!
Actually I may have bitten off more than I can chew here!


Kerron said…
As no-one else seems to have posted can I suggest you post about your love of Lib Dems, and in particular Hannah Hedges.

If everyone else has a sense of humour they will leave this as the only comment - and then we can have a good laugh at your expense. Again.

BCB Webmaster said…

And if it has to be politics, how about a blog in which you say something nice about a party other than Labour. Go on. It can't be too hard!
Paul Burgin said…
May I refer you to the following then:

Well, if there are no other suggestions, I will elaborate on that!
Neil Harding said…
20 nice things about Hannah Hedges, she sounds interesting, photo appreciated!

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