Daniel Craig. May well be a good Bond..

Lisa Rullsenberg has been telling us about how there is a strong anti- Daniel Craig site regarding him being the new James Bond.
Further stuff can also be found here, and it's been bad enough where former Bond, Pierce Brosnan has leaped to his defence. Craig also has the endorsement of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
What do I think of all this!
Well on Saturday night I caught the end of the film Layer Cake on one of the Sky Movie channels. I haven't seen the film before, but from what I did see, I can see why he was considered by the Broccoli family as a good choice as Bond. There is an edge, yet self-assuredness to his performance. From that I can see him as Bond.
Of course, everyone has their favourites. Mine is Pierce Brosnan, before him it was Roger Moore. With many people it's Sean Connery, some like the brooding menace that Timothy Dalton gave the part, and there are some out there who regard George Lazenby, who only did one Bond movie, as the best 007 (I can understand that. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of my favourite Bond movies).
But all of them are fairly different from each other and all of them have something in their performances that many fans like, so I am sure it will be the same for Craig.
Some have a go at him for being a wuss, clinging onto the boat which shipped him in for his first press conference after being confirmed in the part, or the fact that he can only drive an automatic. So what! How many of us are in the same position. I wouldn't mind being thought of as Bond ;), but I am scared of heights (only absailed once and was scared, although I liked the rock climbing), although I have enjoyed ski-ing and would love to try scuba diving. Many of the critical fans I think, are being somewhat hypocritical. Craig is an actor, he doesn't have to be Bond!
Another aspect are the novels. In those Bond is slightly different to the movie character, and from that I think that Craig, like Brosnan, can mesh those differences and bring Bond firmly into the twenty-first century.
In other words, let's be cautious until the film comes out this autumn.


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