Further to my posting on Morse and Lewis, I felt somewhat nostalgic and last night did a altavista search for Enstone, where I was growing up between 1979-1984.
To my delight, I came across a website, dedicated to the village, along with a photo album.

Try as I might, I haven't found any photos of the Spinneys, where we lived. Ah well!
But, that said, I did find some photos of where my Dad worked, peversely enough. Dad worked for NatWest for some thirty years and from 1979-1982 he was a Tutor at Heythrop College (Called, because it used to be the Jesuit College, prior to moving to London), which was then owned by the NatWest Bank. It's why we moved to Enstone (which was the ajoining village, as it were), and it is now a hotel, and their website can be found here.

I appreciate that I am coming across as one of those anaoraks who bore people to death with photos of some rock climbing trips, with their 'and there is an amusing story connected to that, which I will tell you later!' So methinks I will leave it there ;).


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