How to Address People!

A no of things that I have wanted to blog about lately, so if there is a bit of a deluge whilst I have the time to rant today, then you have my apologies.
But one thing I wanted to blog about is Sir Ben Kingsley's insistence that he is addressed as Sir Ben.
Now I have nothing against knighthoods or peerages, so long (as I have mentioned before) that the system isn't abused. That said, I do dislike it when snobbery (inverted or otherwise is involved).
Not only that, but when you get the likes of Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE and Sir Roger ('Prefers to be called "Rog" on film sets') Moore CBE criticising Kingsley, then you know how silly Ben (sorry, Sir Ben Kingsley) is being.
But maybe he has a point in some respects. I do tend to think it's a mite snobbish, silly, and smug when people refer to the Queen as Mrs Windsor. Like it or not she is the Head of State and you would'nt expect any Irish person to address Mary McAleese without the title of President.
But perhaps I have been a bit lax myself. For the past seven years my full name and title has been Mr. Paul David Burgin BA Esq. Now no one has referred to me as Paul Burgin BA, no one has sent me letters with the full title since my graduation. Perhaps I ought to take a leaf out of Sir Ben's book and start making insisting on the correct terms to address myself.
Oh and to finish, one of my favourite anecdotes is when Sir Michael Jagger got knighted and fellow Rolling Stone, Keith Richards was asked on his opinion:

"You can call him what you like - we have other names for him,"

Give it up Sir Ben, if people want to call you Sir Ben, then fine! Otherwise it doesn't matter


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